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- "Solar power provides FREE unlimited supply of energy"

- Did you know that the earth receives in 1 hour the total power used by the world in an entire year?

- Two billion people in the world have no access to electricity. For them, solar power is a practical way to deliver at least a little electricity in rural places around the world.

- Weight for weight, advanced silicon based solar cells generate the same amount of electricity over their lifetime as nuclear fuel rods, without the hazardous waste. All the components in a solar panel can be recycled, whereas nuclear waste remains a threat for thousands of years.

- Manufacturing solar cells produces 90% less pollutants than conventional fossil fuel technologies




10watts solar power kit P 3,700.00

Type of cell: mono-crystalline 125mm x 15.62mm
Number of cells and connections (pcs): 36
Size of module: 290*390*28(MM)
Weight per piece (kg): 1.1
Tolerance Wattage: +/-5%
Cell Efficiency: >16%
Frame: Aluminum
Warranty: 2 years product warranty and 25years 80% of power output
Battery: 12 Volts 7 Ah
1 pcs 12v/ 5watts OMNI ESL

Operating time: 14 hours @ 5 WATTS



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